International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(ICAICE2020)
Prof. Maria Ganzha(TBA)



Prof. Maria Ganzha(TBA)

Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


Maria Ganhza, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Maria Ganzha is an Associate Professor in the Warsaw University ofTechnology (Warsaw, Poland).

She has an MS and a PhD degree in mathematics from the Moscow StateUniversity, Russia, and a Doctor of Science degree in Computer Sciencefrom the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Maria has published closed to 200 research papers, is on editorialboards of 5 journals and a book series, and was invited to programcommittees of more than 250 conferences. She is also the PrincipalInvestigator, and Technical Coordinator in the upcoming (EU funded)ASSIST-IoT project.

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